Sensitivity – The 6th Sense

Too often it is said that being a sensitive person is a weakness. Being honest and true about our emotions and sensitivities allows us to channel this as a strength. 

It is not uncommon for us to shelter and dislike our sensitive and emotional sides. By emotional I mean:

  • mood swings
  • situational anxiety 
  • depression
  • and social sensitivity.

When we begin to align with our higher selves we start to see the world around us with fresh eyes. The awakening process is incredibly painful, especially when we become aware of the corruption that rules the planet. The human race is killing the planet and when you become more connected with the earth, we feel it. 

In native cultures around the world, young children, teens and young adults will start to show signs of their sensitivity. That is when they are taken by the Shamans and healers of their culture, for apprenticeship.

Shamans have walked into mental institutions in the west and declared that these are the spiritual healers of our community.

These sensitives are put on medications to sedate these abilities. 


I myself was medicated for bipolar, depression and anxiety for one year. I was on a concoction of antidepressants and mood stabilisers. I was sedated to my reality. These pills would knock me out until the afternoon sometimes, missing my alarm for work at 8am!

(I was never officially diagnosed by a psychiatrist. A doctor, with his own agenda of sexual harassment and the misuse of his power, put me on these medications. A perfect example of the corruption within mental health and how susceptible and vulnerable the people going through the system, are.)

After coming off these pills, incorporating Yoga and spiritual studies, I began to find my feet. I was then able to assess what was causing the discomfort in my life. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are a compass to let you know when something is not right in your life. 

“If you can’t accept it – change it. If you can’t change it – leave it.”

For me it was a toxic relationship – I left it.

You start to understand that these physical and emotional reactions to situations and people is your higher self or intuition guiding you to make good choices that align with you!

Every choice you make, effects your life somehow.

You have a guidance system built in and its going to tell you to live a life true to you.

Once you have come to terms with the fact you are a sensitive, don’t be afraid to wear it. Communication is key! I’ve got to the point where I will tell people I’m feeling off because its a full moon. Yes, people find me odd but that’s ok, because I am being true to myself and the people you want around you, respect and love you regardless.

The ones who do not, DON’T need to be a significant part of your life.

The universe talks to you via your 6th sense of sensitivity. 

Listen and see where it takes you.

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