Yin-Yang and the Principles of Masculine-Feminine (In a Nut Shell)


Yin-Yang is present everywhere in our every day lives. From our physical reality to our mental processes and personalities.

yin yang

In Chinese philosophy and religion, Yin-Yang means the balance of two principles. It is the interaction between the Yin, dark, negative, feminine and Yang, the bright, positive and masculine. There is an infinite interaction between the two in our bodies, reality, nature, personalities and emotions.

Yin – Black

Yang – White








The physical forms of women being typically curved and soft in comparison to the straighter and harder lines and edges of male bodies






Can be seen as the black and white of each aspect. Polarity of energy.






Subconscious Mind







Conscious Mind

In Chinese and Ayurveda philosophy, the left side of your body is considered the feminine, represented by the moon . The right side is masculine and represented by the sun. This is also noted in the hemispheres of the brain with what operates where.
Flexibility Strength

Can be seen in practice of Yoga asana. A posture that requires strength is a yang practice. A posture that requires us to surrender to gravity and the situation requires flexibility and is considered yin.

This can be applied to our approach to life.

When we see that the Sun is masculine and the Moon is feminine we can see how the relationships between the sun and the moon reflects our relationships with ourselves and others.

Regardless of what gender you may be, it is unhealthy to be too much yin or yang. The true essence of you, transcends your human form. Your soul is genderless, therefore it requires balance to be whole. – For a deeper insight on this and how it effects your relationships check out my other post How To Be ‘Whole’ – Marrying The Masculine And Feminine Within

*** It should be noted that it is best not to view Yin and Yang as good or bad. For something to be good or bad it has to be seen with subjective eyes.

Yin-Yang should always be approached objectively.


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