Meditation 101 – Where To Start & What To Do

It is known that meditation benefits us and our interactions with reality. Whether you want to use meditation practically, to find stability and focus or spiritually, for shifting energetic blocks and being more connected with the Universe, meditation has something to offer everyone – Here are some tips and tricks from my own personal experiences to get you started.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years by cultures all over the globe. It has been scientifically proven that meditation has many psychological and physical benefits, with many traditional cultures claiming its spiritual benefits also. There are many different and individual ways to practice meditation. After you try a few different types, you will establish your own style and rhythms that best suit you.

Its time to turn your phone off and find some personal space where you won’t be disturbed.

First things first – Get Comfortable!

Meditation is about the mind but what do you do with your body!?

Comfort is key – you need to find yourself a position that you can comfortably hold still for an extended period of time.

Try lying flat-backed on a bed or yoga mat with your arms by your side and palms to the ceiling. Alternatively, you can find yourself in a seated position, either in a comfortable chair or in a cross-legged position with your hands in your lap or resting on your knees (mudra is optional).

Visualisation and the Focus of Void – Nothingness

Although there are many different types and forms of meditation, I am going to highlight visualisation and the focus of void.


A great place to start! We use our mind’s eye or our imagination to create and guide us through the meditation. Having someone directing you through this process is called Guided Meditation. This can either be in a classroom/workshop based setting or using a pre-recorded audio at home.  The guide will instruct you on what to visualise but it is up to your imagination to fill in the blanks. This is a great way to practice and awaken your inner vision. Allow your intuition and inner knowing to give you knowledge and wisdom by what is revealed in the detail and the blanks!

Be prepared that when you first start, your inner vision may not be so clear or quick to create images and stories – Be patient! This can take time, practice and requires non-judgement towards yourself.

A great way to acquaint yourself with mediation is to attend a class! Many Yoga studios offer meditation and will often call guided meditation, Yoga Nidra.

Guided meditation is a great way for enhancing your focus, physical, psychological and spiritual health, as well as strengthening your psychic inner visions, imagination, third eye and cleansing your energetic feild.  You may also use guided meditation to connect with your guides, angels, passed loved ones, higher self or for more advanced practitioners, astral travel.

There are so many guided mediations on YouTube! Check out some of these popular videos:

mandala ocean

Nothingness – The Focus of Void

This type of meditation is pretty self-explanatory and what people mostly think of when they imagine meditation. Although the definition is simple, achieving a blank mind is far from it. You may also find this meditation in a classroom/workshop setting but can be also be practiced at home.

Assuming a comfortable position, music is optional. You are attempting to disassociate yourself from your minds chatter. It is important to step into the focus of void knowing that you are not your thoughts or emotions. You are the experiencer of your thoughts and emotions and with meditation you become the observer – To learn more about the concept of the observer, I recommend reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Focusing on nothing is hard! There’s no question about it.

My guru in India said that even if you can achieve nothingness for 5 seconds, you have accomplished something.

When a thought comes in, do not entertain it, observe it – For example:

You are meditating, a thought about what you need from the grocery store, comes into your head.

To entertain the thought – would mean that you would follow the thought’s path. Following thoughts may include, “I need to get hummus and corn chips,” “I wonder if my roommates need anything while I’m at the shop.”

To observe the thought – means exactly that. The thought comes into the mind, we do not allow our mind to wander, instead we think to ourselves, “ok, but what will the next thought be?” Here is where you can experience a moment of nothingness. Between observation of one thought to waiting for the next, you can find nothingness.

Music is optional and a personal choice. Check out some of my favourite meditation tracks on YouTube:

Meditation is a very personal and complex thing. It can be approached from so many different angels. Music or no music, sitting or lying down, visualisation or the absence of thought. The best way to find out what you like is by trying as many different techniques as you can!

If you have a technique that you love, please tell us about it in the comments!

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