The Cycles Of The Moon And Her Reflection On Our Moods

We do not feel the same emotions consistently everyday. One day we can feel on top of the world and the next we can feel like everything is working against us. Is it random, circumstantial or is there some predictability to it? As the Moon does her 28 day tour around the Earth and through the zodiac, our moods and interactions with reality move in a cycle also.

As the Moon makes her 28 day orbit around the Earth, she moves along the belt of the zodiac. Resting in each sign for approximately 2.5 days.With a magnetic effect to water, the Moon is the cause of the tides moving in and out across the globe! We are approximately 70% water, so is it really that crazy to consider the moon effects us? Statistics show that there are more emergency room patients and arrests on a full Moon!

In Astrology, the Moon represents our emotional selves and how we emotionally function. By understanding the patterns of the Moon our mood and interactions become somewhat predictable. 

When the planets in our solar system enter a zodiac, the energy of the planet is expressed through the traits of that zodiac. (Like a filter!) The fastest moving celestial body from our perspective on Earth is the Moon, therefore the way that she influences us changes more regularly and is easiest to observe.

Approximately two years ago, through my study of Astrology, I read that by following the Moon’s movement through the zodiac, it would allow for deeper self-awareness and understanding of Astrology. Since then I have been observing the Moon’s movements and her reflections on my mood and of the people around me.

Moon Mood

Each person will react differently to each Moon, respectively to how that zodiac effects the individual’s birth-chart. The chart below is an explanation of the general themes I experience and observe of others as the Moon moves through the zodiac.

Moon in Zodiac Quality and Element Traits of Influence
Aries Moon Cardinal, Fire Passionate, driven, Egocentric, Excitable energy, drive to achieve and start projects, aggressive, dominating, courageous
Taurus Moon Fixed, Earth Grounded, psycho-analytical, loyal, lethargic, desire for retail therapy and good food. Stubborn, desire for time at home, strong sense of mental drive.
Gemini Moon Mutable, Air Communicative, Deeper ability of objective thought, indecisive, charming and witty. Issues of communication can arise, take opportunities to speak your truth.
Cancer Moon Cardinal, Water Sensitive, creative, musical, concerned and strong care for loved ones. Problem solving skills heightened. Quick wit in the face of adversity.
Leo Moon Fixed, Fire Ego centric, life force and excitable energy, big hearted, full of love. Strong desire to protect and serve when coming from a space of love. Threat to ego can create deflation of ego which can result in sulkiness or lash out of fire in defence.
Virgo Moon Mutable, Earth Analytical, grounded, ability to become the quiet observer, selfless service to others, strength in independence.
Libra Moon Cardinal, Air Sociable, care for collective wellbeing, time and desire for knowledge and study. Charm, desire for social harmony. Tendency towards over-compensation.
Scorpio Moon Fixed, Water Sensitive, contemplative, intuitive, introverted, desire for time alone. Can mistake intuition for paranoia – feeling pessimistic or like people are against us. Excellent time for writing and spiritual practices, such as meditation or yoga to align with intuition and higher self.
Sagittarius Moon Mutable, Fire Excitable dynamic energy, enthusiasm and expansion. This can be obtained by adventure, great time to head outside, engage in expansive, fun experiences. Inward expansion can be obtained through study of philosophy. Lack of expansion can create feelings of inertia and impatience.
Capricorn Moon Cardinal, Earth The universe offers us difficult situations to test if we can handle them with practicality, logic and sensibility. Use this time to plan and take action on details of projects. Life feels like it offers tough love.
Aquarius Moon Fixed, Air Fluidity and freedom of mind, unconventionality shines through – this can cause us to feel self-conscious of our inner weirdo coming out. Important to stay true and proud of one’s individual quirks, remembering that everyone has quirks.
Pisces Moon Mutable, Water Sensitive, intuitive, musically and creatively inclined. Strong intuition and vivid dreams. Delicate, emotional, dreamy, loving.

For people who are not entirely familiarised with the characteristics of all of the zodiac – observing the element the Moon is in, is a fantastic place to start!

Fire – Aries, Leo & Sagittarius Fire is about life force energy, movement and beginnings. The ego is typically present and strong. Seek fun, excitement and movement to ensure fire flows positively. Vibrancy, passion and optimism are present and available. If something happens to put out our fire we can feel the alternate emotions such as, anger, deflation and may lash out.
Earth – Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn Presence in earthly matters. Head is less in the clouds, more on the ground. Analytical, practical and problem solving. One may feel the grounding as a sense of inertia. Time spent slowing down with plants, animals or the outdoors allows for a clear mind and to re-centre with what is important.
Air – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius Air allows a sense of emotional detachment. Objectivity and being able to see situations from all angles. As Earth keeps us on the ground, air allows us to retreat to the clouds. Thoughtful, analytical, communicative and social energies can be present.
Water – Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces When the Moon moves into water I feel my emotions drift from the clouds and rest in my gut. Intuition, creativity and sensitivity are heightened and should be tapped into! Ego can be present and if hurt will make us feel sad and isolated. Keep the ego running smooth on a creative outlet and flow.

Start your own observation!

By learning the energies and themes of the day we can better prepare ourselves for the day, thus using Astrology as a tool to better our lives on a day-to-day basis. 

To use the knowledge of the Moon’s phases to your advantage, is to learn through observation and experience. Get yourself an exercise book and start your own Moon journal. Using an ephemeris or a Moon phase tracking app (there are heaps of great ones in the app store!), track the Moon and its zodiac placement. At the end of each day try to recall what happened to you and how you reacted. Keep it simple and note down key events and emotions.

Stay as objective as possible, its important to leave your ego out of your observations. Examine yourself as a third party, this can only work if you remain honest with yourself.

For Iphone users, I recommend Time Nomad because of the handy home screen widget for quick access.

For Android users, I recommend Phases of the Moon – Free

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    1. Hey there, I am so grateful you have enjoyed my blog! I just updated the Moon cycles blog that includes a small how-to on starting your own Moon journal and observations. Check it out and let me know how you go with it! Thank you for the love 🙂


      1. thats awesome i read it again and found it to be the best post on this topic i am an aries lol it makes sense i enjoy the nature of energies and the natural process of hoe things work. my energy has been abit shy of exciting but i am getting out of it by positive reinforcements in the things i enjoy doing, you should check out my blogs i put my heart and soul into them but ts totally up to you always love

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