Yoni Pearls – A Vaginal Detox Experience

I remember when I first heard of Yoni Pearls, I questioned the need for them as I had always been told that the vagina was self-cleaning. As I continued my research with Ayurveda and TCM, I found that although the body has many systems to self-clean and excrete toxins, there are huge benefits to helping it out with natural techniques such as detoxes and kriyas.

What is a Yoni Pearl?

A Yoni Pearl is a marble sized tea bag/tampon filled with herbs, which is inserted deep into your vagina. They prompt your vagina and womb to go through a detoxification process.

I purchased mine from La Loba for $21.00 AUD for a pack of 3. The pearls contained all natural ingredients, with no added chemicals.

Why should I use Yoni Pearls?

We know that the body is a wholistic system. When we are eating, smoking and drinking bad foods which have been processed and packed full of chemicals, these nasties are digested and stored in the cells of our bodies. 

You are what you eat – and apparently so is your vagina!

The body does not discriminate where these cells will be stored so of course, some are stored in the yoni. 

Consider all the years of using feminine hygiene products such as tampons, chemical infused lubricants and condoms, not to mention all the other weird things I have heard women putting up there. 

(If you are still using tampons and pads, stop living in the past and check out a Moon Cup or free flow undies. Life will get a little sweeter.)

Even the bad juju of ex lovers! If your lover does not honour his temple then don’t expect his penis to do your yoni any favours. The bacteria from their skin can throw off the ecosystem between your thighs.  

And lets not forget about emotional baggage. In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, we learn that emotions are stored in our tissue! The yoni can most certainly store trauma and hurt and if left untreated will cause dis-ease.

What ever is up there that does not serve you for the greater good anymore, will and should come out.


What do Yoni Pearls Do?

The herbs from the Yoni Pearls are absorbed into the walls of your vagina and uterus, allowing the body to detox from anything that may be stuck inside that is no longer serving you any good. 

Be prepared that this is not the most pleasant experience as you may find your yoni will become dry and uncomfortable.

I personally found that the dryness was only present while the pearls were inside and my vagina restored its moisture within 1-2 days after they were removed.

Some women experience abdominal pain and cramping, much like period pains or even a nasty odour. 

I personally had itchiness, aching and exhaustion primarily on the first day. At least for the first day make sure you have the day off and are resting at home.

The pearls will help remove any excess dead skin cells, blood clots and toxins. It may be wise to wear a panty liner or pad, especially once the treatment is complete.

I watched one video on YouTube of a woman who had a miscarriage 2 years prior and even after 2 years she had a lot of excess tissue from the miscarriage come out.

What are Yoni Pearls made from?

The herbal ingredients are true to the recipes that have been used by traditional Chinese medicine, for over 5000 years.

Depending on where you purchase your yoni pearls the ingredients may vary slightly. After doing a bit of research, I found that some of the key ingredients are:

  • Angelica – Regulates menstruation by aiding blood circulation as well as removes toxins.
  • Cnidium – Useful for treating bacterial infections, clears skin, increases sexual libido and fertility.
  • Stemona – Kills parasites and aids in blood flow and circulation.
  • Osthol – Traditionally used for anti-itch and anti-fungal treatments.
  • Motherwort – Often used to treat heart disease, regulates menstruation and removes toxins.
  • Rhizoma – Removes toxins and can also reduce hot flashes.
  • Borneol – Reduces pain of periods by aiding to regulate menstruation as well as reduce hot flashes.

This is not a new trend, as many people on the internet likes to put it. This is an ancient and trusted technique that has been used by thousands of women, well before our time.

What is the process?

Depending on where you get your pearls from, the process may change slightly.

I purchased mine from La Loba for $21.00 AUD for a pack of 3. 

I was recommended to put one pearl inside for 24 hours and to repeat 3 times (for 3 days over 72 hours). Once you remove one pearl, insert another straight after.

La Loba also recommended that I could put all 3 up my vagina to be left for the total 72 hours. Being that it was my first time, I took it easy with one pearl at a time and am really glad that I did! I found that this was enough.

I used a little bit of coconut oil around the outside of my vagina if I found the dryness was causing irritation, which relieved it enough without altering the process. 

Don’t forget to unravel the string before you insert the pearl!

Who can use Yoni Pearls?

Every woman between the ages of 18-65 can use them. 

Especially recommended for women who have suffered from

  • Miscarriages,
  • Abortions (wait 3 months minimum),
  • Sexual and emotional trauma and
  • Women who have had a full or partial hysterectomy.

Who shouldn’t use Yoni Pearls?

  • Pregnant women
  • Women with hymens intact (virgins)
  • Women who are breastfeeding 
  • IUD and Essure permanent birth control.

When should you use Yoni Pearls?

Yoni Pearls should not be inserted during your period. 

Begin the treatment at least 10 days before the expected first day of your next period.

Vaginal Mystique – Final Thoughts

While doing my research about Yoni Pearls, I found one blogger talking about the “faux mystique” of the vagina and really laughing about her “sacred space”. This really caught me by surprise.Of course I am open and aware of other people’s opinions but have we forgotten, as a society, that the miracle of life happens within the womb and vagina of a woman?

The vagina is quite literally, the bridge between heaven and earth. 

Regardless of where you stand with “vaginal mystique”, I want to remind you to honour and respect your body. Research shows that the yoni is a very complex ecosystem that has far more power and control over the health of your body and mind than we generally realise. 

Look after your yoni and see how she looks after you in return.


I am not and do not claim to be a doctor. This article is based on research and my own experiences with these pearls. It is advised to seek medical advise from a health professional before trying anything new. Especially if you have any chronic or pre-existing conditions.

In saying that, I think it is also super important to follow your intuition. Do what is right for you ALWAYS.

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