Sagittarius Full Moon 2018


Tonight at 8 degrees Sagittarius, we will have a Full Moon. The Sagittarius Full Moon is one of the best and most exciting because Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter brings his expansive energy.

This fiery Full Moon has an explosion of forward surging energy. It is time to jump and release our fears that hold us back from taking risks and creating a better world.

This is a really special Moon because at the exact time of the Full Moon there will be 2 grand trines created.

A grand water trine will be created by Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer. This is adding a highly creative and intuitive energy, take a moment to be inspired by nature.

The second, grand fire trine is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, Chiron in Aries and the North Node in Leo. The Moon and Chiron generally represent our past and old wounds but the North Node represents our future and destiny. This energy is telling us to let go of old pains, worries and restrictions and to move forward!

Time to embrace your limitless possibilities and be open to the inspiration that should flood your body and warm your soul.

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