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Can be done over Skype or in person, (depending on where I am – currently in Thailand!)

What to expect from your reading

When analysing your birth chart I am able to delve into your personality traits, habits, strengths and challenges of your placements. We can look into your karma, life themes and find your dharma (life path). I also work closely with the elements and numerology.

We will be able to explore what careers and type of partner best suit you, based on the stars.

If you have a partner and have their birth details, we can look at partnership compatibility, exploring how the relationship flows and what challenges and lessons it holds. 

When two people have awareness of how their partner’s astrology works with their own, the relationship can flow with more compassion, ease and understanding. 

How do I read your birth chart

By putting your details into a system I am able to see the placements of the planets at the exact time that you were born. The way the sky looked at the exact time and place of your birth will not repeat itself for roughly 24,000 years. It is unique to you.

I use Western/Tropical astrology with an equal house system. 

I work closely with the elements, fire, earth, air, water and ether, while also incorporating numerology to deepen my/our understanding of your karma and life path.

Frida KahloExample: Frida Kahlo’s Birth Chart 8:30am 6th of July in 1907, Coyoacán, Mexico

Why should you get a birth chart reading

Self-awareness allows more conscious flow throughout life. 

Astrology is a tool for deepening your self-awareness.

There is something special about an astrologer, (generally a stranger) pulling up your birth chart, then opening up and breaking down some of the most complex, private and inner workings of yourself. 

By doing this we are able to lay your cards on the table for you to get a different perspective and better understanding of yourself. 

Let us delve deeper into who you are, why you are the way you are, and invite you to hold space for yourself.

By becoming aware of your patterns, good or bad, you are able to make choices and changes within your life structure to better your relationship with yourself and your reality.


My journey with Astrology

I have always been fascinated by astrology but started to study its deep complexities in 2015, at a time in my life when I desperately needed self-reflection and self-realisation.

Astrology gave my naturally psycho-analytical mind tools to further understand myself and the humans around me.

Although the reason to get an astrology reading does not need to be so dramatic, the key is that it allowed me to view myself from a third party perspective.

I remember reading a book that explained each planet placement to have a static or dynamic expression. “When this planet is static or in disharmony, the person will express themselves like this…”, “The energy of the planet can be shifted as so…, to find a dynamic harmonious expression of this planet.” 

Astrology allowed me to make space for my imperfections and gave me tools to develop my weaknesses into strengths. 

From this I found a strong desire to want to share this information with others and to share the tools that I had found for my own self-discovery, (which might I say is a never ending journey!)

Et voila!

So if you would like to better understand yourself, your relationships, find some more direction in life or deeper understand your karma, dharma and past lives, book a session!

It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you and share some of this journey with you.

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