Your Yoga Practice – No Excuses! Align With Your Power.

Yoga’s ancient origins stem from the very spiritual, Himalayas of India, with some saying that it is as old as 10,000 years. For many of us in the West we believe that it is a practice designed for the health of the body and as a bonus calms the mind. The truth is that it was originally, given to humankind as a tool for spiritual evolution.

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Yoni Pearls – A Vaginal Detox Experience

I remember when I first heard of Yoni Pearls, I questioned the need for them as I had always been told that the vagina was self-cleaning. As I continued my research with Ayurveda and TCM, I found that although the body has many systems to self-clean and excrete toxins, there are huge benefits to helping it out with natural techniques such as detoxes and kriyas.

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