Yoni Pearls – A Vaginal Detox Experience

I remember when I first heard of Yoni Pearls, I questioned the need for them as I had always been told that the vagina was self-cleaning. As I continued my research with Ayurveda and TCM, I found that although the body has many systems to self-clean and excrete toxins, there are huge benefits to helping it out with natural techniques such as detoxes and kriyas.

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How To Understand Your Birth Chart And Where To Start

Reading your own birth chart gives you deeper understanding, compassion and space for yourself. Reading other people’s birth charts allows you compassion and insight into the inner worlds of others.  Awareness is power. Here are the basics and three wonderful books to get you started on understanding birth charts.

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The Cycles Of The Moon And Her Reflection On Our Moods

We do not feel the same emotions consistently everyday. One day we can feel on top of the world and the next we can feel like everything is working against us. Is it random, circumstantial or is there some predictability to it? As the Moon does her 28 day tour around the Earth and through the zodiac, our moods and interactions with reality move in a cycle also.

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