Join me for gentle Hatha, every Friday at 5pm @

 Gokula Meditation & Yoga Centre, Collingwood – Melbourne


Yoga is an ancient, multifaceted practice that focuses on harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. It incorporates different methods such as meditation (sense withdrawal), pranayama (breath work) and the practice of yoga asana (physical postures).

Yoga allows us to be more aware of ourselves and feel connected to the present moment.  As Yoga is a science there is no religion attached to it. Yoga is for everybody at any level of fitness. In the true practice of yoga we honour our bodies and work within our individual limitations so that we can enjoy a beneficial practice.

Yoga is so much more than fitness and flexability.

I offer traditional Yoga classes, focusing on alignment, breath, the mind, energy flow and chakras. I teach Hatha for wholistic health and honouring self. Specialising in beginner and one-on-one training, I’m also confident to take on larger classes and experienced yogis.

Feel free to contact me for booking enquiries!